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Endocrinology&Metabolism Departments List

Seoul Hospital

  • Endocrinology&Metabolism - Ahn, You Hern
    Endocrinology&Metabolism Ahn, You Hern

    Diabete, Thyroid gland, Osteoporosis, Obesity, Pituitary

  • Endocrinology&Metabolism - Kim, Dongsun
    Endocrinology&Metabolism Kim, Dongsun

    Diabete, Thyroid gland, Pituitary, Hormone abnormalities

  • Endocrinology&Metabolism - Park, Jung Hwan
    Endocrinology&Metabolism Park, Jung Hwan

    General diseases of Endocrine & Metabolism

Guri Hospital

  • Endocrinology&Metabloism - Lee, Chang Beom
    Endocrinology&Metabloism Lee, Chang Beom

    Diabetes, Thyroid Disease, Osteoporosis

  • Endocrinology&Metabloism - Yu, Sung Hoon
    Endocrinology&Metabloism Yu, Sung Hoon