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Inpatient Service

STEP 01Pre-admission

  • After getting confirmation on the expected admission date at the Administration Team’s admission desk on the 3rd floor of the Main Building, you will receive the treatment agreement (admission) and admission guideline before leaving.
  • After the assignment of your hospital room by the Administration Team on the day of admission, you will be notified of the information via phone or text message.

STEP 02The day of admission

  • Please visit the Administration Team on the 3rd floor of the Main Building to submit the treatment agreement (admission) that you have prepared.
  • After the admission procedure, you will receive the admission guideline, patient ID bracelet, and admission file, which will be submitted to the nurse in the assigned ward.
  • Hospital rooms are available after 1 pm.
  • Make an initial deposit as part of the hospitalization cost

STEP 03Discharge

  • Discuss discharge Instructions
  • Make follow-up appointments
  • Issue medical documents
  • Complete payment

Staffs of International Clinic Center will be there for you as an liaison between you and your medical team during your hospital stay.
If you need to cancel or delay your admission, please contact us as soon as possible. For help, 02-2290-9553.

Admission guideline

Room Assignment

  • The hospital room is assigned in the morning of admission and the assigned room can be different from your requested room depending on the situation of discharged patients.
  • The hospital rooms are assigned to the available rooms according to the order of admission reservation after the existing patients are moved to their desired rooms based on the class of rooms.

Admission Preparations

  • Soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, towel, slippers, tissue, water cup, water bottle, bedding for guardian, and other personal items

Issue of Interim Medical Statement

  • The Administration Team delivers interim medical statement to the patient’s room every Wednesday
  • Payment Location: Administration Team on the 3rd floor of the Main Building
  • For inquires on medical charges, please contact the person in charge of Administration Team’s Finance Management on the 3rd floor of the Main Building.

Deposit without Bankbook

  • Account Number: ShinhanBank 140-003-324575 (Account Holder : 한양대학교병원)

Issue of Admission Confirmation and Medical Certificate

  • If you require various verifications, please inform your nurse one day prior to discharge.
  • Because the detailed statement of medical charges is issued by the Office (Admission) of Administration Team, please request separately after preparing relevant documents.

Visiting hours and cautions

Visiting hours

  • Weekdays – PM 6:00 ~ PM 8:00
  • Weekends/Holidays – AM 10:00 ~ PM 12:00, PM 18:00~ PM 20:00


  • Patients can choose Western or Russian style meal (extra cost)
  • Time – Breakfast AM 7:40~8:10 / Lunch PM 12:30~1:00 / Dinner PM 6:00~6:30

Infection Prevention and Control Precautions

  • Please refrain from hospital visitation for visitors such as pregnant women, elderly over the age of 70, children under the age of 12, and people who have the risk of spreading infectious diseases.
  • Group visitation by friends/relatives, alumni associations, religious groups, etc., are restricted.
  • Please wash your hands before and after entering the hospital and make sure to follow cough etiquette.
  • Flowers, potted plants, pets, and outside food are restricted.
  • For infection control and safety of the patients, a record of visitor register is being kept. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.