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Concerning emergency treatments, symptoms other than emergency or symptoms similar to emergencies can be delayed. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

Location of Emergency Medical Center: Main Building 3

Emergency Service

STEP 01Apply for Treatment

You can apply by writing and submitting a treatment application at the reception window in the Emergency Medical Center.

STEP 02Examination Room (First Medical Examination Room)

The emergency bed is assigned based on the patient’s condition after the preliminary medical examination in the examination room.

STEP 03Treatment

  • The order of treatment is prioritized based on the patient’s level of emergency/severity rather than the order of receipt.
  • Emergency treatment, required blood test, and radiographic inspection are performed after the primary medical examination interview and physical examination by the physician at the Emergency Medical Center.
  • Continuous treatment is provided through consultation with the medical staff of the relevant department based on the patient’s main symptoms and results of the examination.

STEP 04Payment of Medical Charges

If you have been determined to be discharged from the hospital, please pay the medical charges at the emergency reception window.

STEP 05Prescription / Discharge

  • When the medical staff of the Emergency Medical Center determines your discharge, you will receive discharge information from a nurse and the medical charge is collected by the Admission and Discharging office.
  • After showing your receipt to the nurse, please consult about your next treatment and precautions on your discharge.

STEP 06Admission

  • After treatment is given by the medical staff of the relevant department,
    admission confirmation is issued if further treatment at the hospital is necessary.
  • After finishing the admission procedures at the emergency reception window, you will be assigned with a hospital room.

Precaution on Use of Emergency Room

For the stability of the patient and timely emergency treatment, a guardian must stay with the patient.

Others can wait at the waiting room prepared for the convenience of patient’s family members.