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Patient's Rights

01Right to Be treated with respect

A patient has the right to be respected and receive appropriate healthcare services for his/her health protection and promotion regardless of her/his gender, age, religion, social and economical status, and has the right not to be denied without any reasonable explanation.

02Right to Know and Make decisions

A patient has the right to be informed and to request an explanation from the faculty on diagnosis of the condition, treatment plans, anticipated outcomes, expected medical payments, including a right to accept or refuse to consent, to choose to participate in clinical trials and to decide for organ transplantation.

03Right for Confidentiality

A patient has the right for confidentiality regarding his/her medical examination records, physical secrets, and other privacies that he/she desires to be kept confidential unless there is patient consent or the disclosure is required by law or criminal investigations.

04Right to Request for Mediation/Arbitration

If medical disputes occur, a patient has the right to contact Korea Medical Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Agency (K-medi).

Patient's Obligations

01Trust and Respect Obligation

A patient has the responsibility to provide, to the best of his/her knowledge, accurate and complete information in connection with his/her health conditions to his/her medical staff, and show respect and cooperate fully with the treatment plan.

02Ethical Obligation

A patient has the responsibility to reveal his/her identity prior to medical services and is not allowed to find medical services using other's name in an untruthful and illegal way.

Payment policy

  • Cash in Korean Won or credit card are accepted for payment. For foreign exchange, please use the bank within the hospital (East building 1st floor).
  • The patient or his/her guardian must pay the hospital for all medical costs incurred during or after the procedure(s) at the outpatient clinic or during admission prior to leaving the hospital or by the agreed-upon deadline. Failure to pay these costs without reasonable cause shall result in the hospital pursuing legal action against him/her in a court of Korean jurisdiction.
  • Before admission, if the patient is not covered by a Korean medical insurance plan, he/she must either have a nominated Korean guarantor with the financial resources to sponsor him/her, or deposit certain amount (at least 80% or more of the estimates) as determined by the hospital to cover the total cost of the medical treatment. (Hospital will inform you every Wednesday of your balance).

Medical Dispute Mediation and Arbitration

In case of conflict, arbitration may be registered with MJAC (Medical Judgment Arbitration Committee) under the provision of Article 54, Item 2 of Korean Medical Law. For more information, contact K-medi counseling center :

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