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한양대학교 의무주총장 겸 의료원장 김경현

The Korean Medical Wave Led by Hanyang University Medical Center

In South Korea that has now earned the nickname “Medical Korea,” Hanyang University Medical Center was established in 1972 as the Asia’s largest medical center under the brand of “Hanyang,” which is the past name of the Korean capital, Seoul. Since the establishment, the center has built multifaceted and specialized medical networks such as Hanyang University Hospital, Hanyang University Guri Hospital, Hanyang University Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases, Hanyang University International Hospital, and Hanyang University College of Medicine, and it is creating a new Korean medical wave based on such synergies.

Hanyang University Medical Center has been leading the way to the globalization and advancement of medicine based on state-of-the-art medical researches and development of medical technologies. The center is aimed toward medical services that improve the quality of life rather than simply extending life by conquering currently incurable diseases.

As a global hospital that provides globally-recognized Korean medical technologies to foreign patients, the center is practicing inspiring medical services based on the best facilities and services to patients around the world by transcending borders and language barriers.

The Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs
& President of Medical Center of Hanyang University Kim, Kyung Hun