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Outpatient Service

STEP 01Schedule your appointment

  • Please obtain information on treatment procedure by receiving the patient ID card from the 3rd Floor (West Building) of the International Hospital.
  • If you have not made an appointment, we will help you with the treatment or appointment after a consultation on the “3rd Floor (West Building) of the International Hospital.” Location
  • Please submit external image materials (CD, film).

STEP 02ID verification

  • Korean National Health Insurance Holder : Physician’s referral, KNHI card, ARN card
  • Non-residence in Korea : Passport (Attention: all medical fees will be charged up to 20-25% (Medical Charge for Foreigners))
  • Personal International Health Insurance Holder : request Guarantee of payment more
  • Students sponsored by Saudi Arabian Government : ARN card
  • Hanyang Foundation staff members and their family : ARN card, KNHI card, member’s ID card
  • Hanyang University Students : ARN card, discount certificate

STEP 03Medical Treatment Information

  • On the day of your treatment, please go to the relevant department and receive treatment based on the order of receipt.
  • Please receive information on examination appointment, prescription, etc., at the treating department.
  • If you require a copy of medical record or image, please inform your attending physician in advance.

STEP 04Payment

  • Treatment fees can be paid with Korean won or by credit card. If the patient requires foreign exchange, please use the bank within the hospital. As per hospital policy, all outpatient exams, treatments, excluding consultation need to be paid prior to services being rendered.

STEP 05Prescription / Injection / Examination

Once the payment is made, please verify your place to go on the payment receipt.

Hospital Prescription

After checking the prescription number on the payment receipt, receive the prescribed medicine from the hospital pharmacy.


Receive injection at the injection room


Same Day Examination |
Receive examination at the relevant examination room.
Examination by Appointment |
Make an examination appointment at the “Examination Appointment Desk” and receive examination at the relevant examination room on the day of examination. (※ For assistance, please contact or visit International Office +82-2-2290-9553)

STEP 06Return Home / Admission

  • If you are a patient who has been determined for admission by your attending physician, please go to the Admission Desk (3rd Floor of the Main Building) to make an appointment or follow the admission procedures.
  • receive prescription before leaving and go to a pharmacy outside of the hospital to.Locate Pharmacy Outside of the Hospital